Vortrag: Jennifer Petzen: Racism and the End of LGBT Politics, 12.11.2012, Wien

STICHWORT. Archiv und Bibliothek der Frauen- und Lesbengewegung (Web)
Ort: STICHWORT, Gusshausstraße 20/1A+B, 1040 Wien
Zeit: Montag, 12. November 2012, 20 Uhr
Over the last ten years, many western European LGBT organizations have been building their politics around the racialization and criminalization of Muslims and other minorities. This talk will examine homonationalist (Puar 2007) LGBT politics in Germany and other northern European countries as well as map the strategic interventions of anti-racist organizations and self-organized migrant groups, which have had a significant impact on the institutional political structure in Berlin and are gaining a national reputation for their pioneering work in the field of anti-discrimination. In contrast, both mainstream and alternative LGBT/queer groups have largely failed to challenge their white dominated political structures. Jennifer Petzen concludes that the privileging of LGBT single issue politics over anti-racism has brought about the end of the LGBT ,movement‘ for social justice, opening up political space for a broader re-definition of queer anti-racist politics.
Jennifer Petzen is an interdisciplinary political anthropologist and has taught queer studies, migration and critical race theory at the Humboldt and Alice Salomon Universities in Berlin as well as the University of Washington in Seattle. She received her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Washington with concentrations in anthropology and queer studies, examining how new knowledges of a ,Muslim‘ racial formation are articulated through moral panics surrounding sexuality and gender.
Her most recent work includes „Contesting Europe: A Call for an Anti-modern Sexual Politics” in a special issue of the European Journal of Women’s Studies; and „Invented Traditions, New Intimate Publics: Tracing the German Muslim Homophobia Discourse” co-authored with Jin Haritaworn in Flood et al. (eds.), Islam in its International Context: Comparative Perspectives.
Vortrag und Diskussion in englischer Sprache
Moderation: Sushila Mesquita
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