CfP: Sexuality, Textuality, Image (Event), Deadline: 31.05.08

2nd CISSGE Postgraduate Conference
University of Exeter
12th September 2008
Deadline: 31 May 2008

„Biology, psychology and the media are linked through the node of the image. Images are tangible and material forces, neither ephemereal not temporary.“ Scott Bukatman, Terminal Identity (1993)

The University of Exeter is delighted to host Sexuality, Textuality, Image: the second postgraduate conference of the Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe (CISSGE).

Sexuality, Textuality, Image will provide a forum in which researchers can explore the aesthetic, theoretical and cultural issues of representation which are at play in texts and images, with a particular focus on the concept of sexuality.

We welcome papers which explore the tensions of representation in a variety of texts – including art, film, photography, drama, literature and media forms – in order to address some of the key questions surrounding textuality and imagery. To what extent can images be read as texts, and texts as images? What discursive and iconographic issues can be said to surround specific texts?

Suggested topics include:

  • Intertextuality and adaptation
  • The politics and poetics of pornography
  • The relationship between the high and the popular
  • Masculinity/male studies
  • Depictions of normative and non-normative sexualities
  • The processes and pedagogies of reading images as texts, and texts as images

Confirmed keynotes:

Professor Derek Duncan (University of Bristol), author of Reading and Writing Italian Homosexuality (2005) and Cultural Encounters (2002). Title: „‚Princesa‘: Transgender/Transmedial/Transnational“

Professor Mick Mangan (University of Exeter), author of Staging Masculinities (2002) and Performing [Dark] Arts (2007). Title: „Erotic Theatres: Sexuality and Gender on the English Stage“

We hope to contextualise these questions in relation to contemporary culture, art history, performativity, queer theories, feminist theories, transgender theories and approaches which may fall outside this aegis – including bisexuality studies, masculinity studies, and heterosexuality studies.

Please send expressions of interest/ abstracts (200 words max.) to Michelle Parslow:
(This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it.) by 31 May 2008.

We are delighted to announce that this event is supported by the prestigious FWSA. For details of their research interests, please see

Fee for the day includes membership to the FWSA and refreshments. FWSA membership benefits include: discounted registration at national conferences; Information Pack; Annual General Meeting; election to the Executive Committee; international distribution and discussion email list; hardcopy of the Biannual Newsletter.

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