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Festmatinee für Irma Trksak mit Filmvorführung, 07.10.2007, Wien

Irma Trksak, Widerstandskämpferin, Ravensbrück-Überlebende, langjährige Sekretärin der österreichischen Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück, Mitglied des Internationalen Ravensbrück-Komitees und geschätzte Zeitzeugin wird 90 Jahre!
Aus diesem Anlass lädt die Österreichischen Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück und FreundInnen zu einer Festmatinee
am 7. Oktober 2007, 11h
im Metro-Kino, Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Wien
Gezeigt wird u. a. der Film „Irmas Zeit“. Continue reading

CfP: Les mises en scène de la sexualité et leur (dis)qualification. Obscénité, pornographie et censure (XIXe -XXIe siècles), 18.-19.04.2008, Bruxelles

Journées d’études

Zeit: 18-19 avril 2008
Ort: Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Einreichefrist Abstract: 31.10.2007

L’obscénité et la pornographie ont progressivement été constituées comme objets de sciences sociales à part entière – bien qu’encore sans doute marginaux. Le regard académique ou savant s’est déplacé, d’un jugement extérieur vers des études de ces formes de production culturelle en tant que telles. Elles ne sont ainsi plus abordées exclusivement sous un angle normatif, inscrit dans une opposition binaire entre anti-censure / anti-pornographie, mais donnent lieu à des travaux visant à préciser la diversité et l’histoire de leurs caractéristiques, leurs conditions de production et de diffusion, leurs usages. Continue reading

Conference: Gender and Beyond, 6.-7.10.07, Osaka

GALE (Gender Awareness in Language Education) will be holding a mini-conference which will take place Oct. 6 and 7 at Temple University’s campus in Osaka. It will feature Janet Holmes, a language and gender scholar in New Zealand. With the support of the Pragmatics SIG and possibly others, we’re proud to be sponsoring her visit to Japan, offering all of us a chance to learn from her research. The weekend will also offer presentation opportunities for those of us involved in gender research and an opportunity to network with others. Continue reading

CfP: 12th annual PhD Student Conference on German History, 10-12 January 2008, London

10-12 January 2008
Application due: 1 November 2007

The German Historical Institute London is organizing its twelfth annual conference for postgraduate research students in the UK and Ireland working on German history, Anglo-German relations, or comparative topics. The conference’s intention is to give PhD students an opportunity to present their work in progress and to discuss it with other students working in the same field. It is hoped that the exchange of ideas and methods will be fruitful for all participants. Continue reading

Ringvorlesung: Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte des Nationalsozialismus (Johanna Gehmacher, Gabriella Hauch)

Zeit: Donnerstag, 10:00-12:00 Uhr
Ort: Hörsaal 42, Hauptgebäude der Uni Wien
Beginn: 11.10.2007
Vorträge (in der Reihenfolge) von: Susanne Lanwerd und Irene Stoehr, Johanna Gehmacher, Gabriella Hauch, Ernst Langthaler und Sabine Schweitzer, Albert Knoll und Thomas Brüstle, Regina Thumser, Martina Gugglberger, Ela Hornung, Jeanette Toussaint, Gabriele Czarnowski, Claudia Spring; (ausführliches Programm weiter unten)
Die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit den Geschlechterverhältnissen im nationalsozialistischen Herrschaftssystem, wie sie inzwischen seit über 30 Jahren stattfindet, hat wesentliche Innovationen sowohl für die Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung als auch für die NS-Forschung erbracht. Sie hat nicht nur den Bruch mit einer eindimensionalen Kategorie Geschlecht und mit einer totalisierenden eurozentristischen Perspektive mit vorbereitet, sondern war auch eng mit der Reformulierung zentraler Fragestellungen der NS-Forschung gekoppelt. Continue reading

/etc-br, the Brazilian Eclectic Tech Carnival, 2.-5.12.07, Salvador

/etc-br, the Brazilian Ecletic Tech Carnival, will take place in Salvador, capital of Bahia state, between 2 and 5 December. The event aims to provide a space for women to appropriate technologies in a more intimate and safer way: an environment which provokes and welcomes questions, curiosity, construction and deconstruction of objects and concepts. Why /etc? /etc, one of the directories in the GNU/Linux operational system, contains important files for general configurations such as passwords, users, networks. „and then we asked ourselves: and if we were a part of the Linux system, what would that be? /etc was the best place for a carnival of ideas, then the name Eclectic Tech Carnival was born.“
Continue reading

CfP: Conference – Gender Studies in Baltic States Region, 29.-30.-11.2007, Vilnus/Lithuania

Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty for Humanities, Lithuania
November 29-30, 2007
Abstract submission: 2007-09-30

The conference goals are to analyse and summarize the quantity and quality of gender studies and gender research in Baltic region, also to identify common European tendencies in gender research and the regional peculiarity. Lithuanian Women Movement is celebrating 100th anniversary of the 1st Women Congress. This event will give the opportunity to evaluate and analyse gender problems in the region of Baltic Sea.

Conference topics: Continue reading

CfP: GEXcel Conference of Workshops, 22.-25.05.2008, Örebro/Sweden

Ort: Örebro University
Zeit: 22-25 May 2008
Application Deadline: 10 December 2007

Supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council Centre, Örebro University and Linköpings University launched a project to establish a European Center of Gender Excellence based in Sweden– Gendering Excellence (GEXcel): Towards a European Centre of Excellence in Transnational and Transdisciplinary Studies of Changing Gender Relations, Intersectionalities and Embodiment. In 2007-08, the theme of research sponsored by GEXcel has been „Gender, Sexuality, and Global Change,“ directed by Anna G. Jónasdóttir, Professor of Gender Studies at Örebro University. (For a full description of the theme, go to

We invite applications for this conference of workshops from junior and senior scholars whose research directly addresses one of the following three sub-themes:
1) Sexuality, Love and Social Theory;
2) Power and Politics: A Feminist View; and
3) Common and Conflicted: Rethinking Interest, Solidarity, and Action Continue reading