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300-pa-duryea-1950-sailors-at-herrons-sweete-shopNOTCHES. (re)marks on the history of sexuality (Web)

Notches is a peer-reviewed, collaborative and international history of sexuality blog that aims to get people inside and outside the academy thinking about sexuality in the past and in the present. Since its launch in January 2014, Notches has attracted over 200,000 views, been profiled on About.com’s Sexuality site and the History News Network.

Latest entries:

  • “Sodomy is not Adultery”: The Clinton Sex Scandal as Queer History (April 7, 2016) by Alison Lefkovitz
  • Sex on the Home Front: Venereal Disease and the Topography of Heterosexuality (April 5, 2016) by Amanda Littauer
  • The Church of England, Sexual Morality, and the Complications of Institutional Decision-making (March 31, 2016) by Laura Ramsay
  • Scottish Storytelling Sessions: Queer History, Community and Archives (March 29, 2016) by Alva Traebert
  • The Cervical Cap in the Feminist Women’s Health Movement, 1976–1988 (March 24, 2016) by Donna Drucker
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Notches is sponsored by the Raphael Samuel History Centre, and is committed to the centre’s mission of “encouraging the widest possible participation in historical research and debate.” The goal is to create a collaborative and open-access blog that is intellectually rigorous and accessible, historical and timely, political and playful. Read more … (Weblog)