CfP: Beyond Genius and Muse: Collaborating Couples in Twentieth-Century Arts (Event: 04/2017, Bristol); DL: 16.12.2016

Annika Forkert, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Music, University of Bristol (Web)

Venue: University of Bristol
Time: 18.-19.04.2017
Proposals by: 16.12.2016

A common perception of the artist is still that of the lonely genius in a room of his own, writing, painting, or composing great works in isolation while amanuenses or, more likely, his wife takes care of worldly matters. In the twentieth century, this imaginary notion becomes even more obsolete than it was in previous periods and can force us to rethink some paradigms of intimate working relationships in the arts. Whether couples collaborated or hindered each other, what are the means to describe the goings on behind the scenes in creative partnerships? How can feminism help rediscover hidden powers in creative partnerships? How are interdisciplinary couples researched and written about? How do such couples perceive themselves and their work? This conference seeks to engage with collaborating couples, both in cases where traditional roles are reversed and where they are intact. Read more and source … (Web)