CfP: The Place of the Political in Critical Feminist Materialisms (Publikation: Freiburger Zeitschrift für GeschlechterStudien); 31.05.2017

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Porposals by: 31.05.2017

Current approaches of Feminist Materialisms provide epistemological and methodological contexts for conceptualizing the connections between matter and meaning. Through this process, we can analyze intra-actions between bodily, technological, and social forces, between research practices and their apparatuses, and between meaning and normalization in the constituting of phenomena. In connection to this onto-epistemological approach, questions about the political dimensions of feminist materialisms are gaining prominence. In 1985, Donna Haraway was already positing the debate regarding the “material-semiotic entanglements” of nature, technology, and social existence as politically imperative for criticism of power relations and capitalism as well as for a resistance to ex- and inclusion.

With regard to this current debate, our Call for Papers addresses the issue of the place of the political in Critical Feminist Materialisms as between bodies, technologies, and subjects in the context of individual and collective practices, societal structures, and symbolic norms. Read more … (PDf)