CfP: Collecting Gender (ZS: Assuming Gender); DL: 25.02.2019

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Proposals by: 25.02.2019

For this new issue, the editors of Assuming Gender welcome submissions responding to the multiple meanings suggested by the expression ‘Collecting Gender’. The act of collecting may be constricted, rational and curatorial, or expansive, haphazard and explosive. It calls to mind groupings both material and immaterial, public and private, national or international, mono- or cross-cultural: a collector’s property, a museum, a photo-album, a collage, a collective, a formation, and the seasonal, commodified collections of clothing brands. Collecting also allows for more intimate readings: one may collect oneself in a moment of tension, or (re)collect one’s memories. How might acts of collecting be influenced by or impact upon notions of gender?

Articles may touch upon themes including, but not restricted to:

  • Curating / Collecting / Archiving / Corpus
  • Material culture / Collage
  • Self-creation / Memory / recollection
  • Life narratives / memoirs
  • Protest / activism / Community / collective
  • Intersectionality and groupings
  • Emotions and collecting the self / oneself
  • Anthologies, Short Story Collections, Poem collections

The editors also welcome book reviews of relevant works published after January 2017.

Submission details: Abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length (excluding references) and should be submitted to by Monday 25 February 2019. If selected for consideration, authors will be notified shortly and given further submission details. The completed articles (5000 to 7000 words) will be required by Friday 12 April 2019 and will then be subject to the normal process of anonymous peer review.

Submissions should be addressed to Read on for more information, or check out the website:

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