CfP: Gendering Fascism (Workshop, 07/2021, virtual space); by: 21.02.2021

Andrea Germer and Jasmin Rückert, Department of Japanese Studies, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf (Web)

Time: 29.07.2021, 9:00-15:00 MET
Place: virtual space, via Düsseldorf
Proposals by: 21.02.2021

In this workshop, the organizers aim to look into gender and fascism as political categories that have not been sufficiently understood in their co-constituting faculties. Both gender and fascism are not separate and isolated phenomena but are deeply intertwined, so much so that one cannot be fully undone without undoing the other. “Gendering fascism” therefore denotes a paradigmatic lens through which we explore the genesis, configurations, strategies and technologies of fascist imaginaries.

The organizers approach gender and fascism through an analysis of the cultural tools applied by fascist regimes, movements or individual proponents of fascism. It is our understanding that media, and the discourses they feed and produce, negotiate the ideas and desires that make up fascist visions and conventions. When probing the press and popular magazines, visual and performing arts, the organizers aim to gain a deeper understanding of fascist imaginaries and of their realizations in the politics of home front and battlefront.

Taking the case of Imperial Japan as a starting point, the organizers interrogate the transcultural trajectories of fascist modernities and their gendered iconographies in everyday mediations, in the homeland and the Empire. Relating media in Asia to their contemporary European, Soviet and American models, we also invite a discussion on modernist forms of media in other countries.
The workshop is organized as part of the research project “Gendering Fascism”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). As an outcome of the workshop the organizers aim to publish an essay collection.

The organizers invite interested scholars to submit abstracts (of up to 250 words) to the organizers ( by 21 February 2021.