Conference: Separated Beds – Interwoven Property: Divorce in Context, 1600-1900, 01.-02.10.2021, Vienna and virtual space

Research Project „Marriages at Court: Proceedings from the 16th to the 19th Century“ (Web)
Time: 01.-02.10.2021
Venue: Vienna and virtual space
The conference has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and will now take place at the University of Vienna – and online.

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  • Online: Link to the site with online access (Link).

For the program see this PDF or the website „Marriages at Court 3.0: Proceedings from the 16th to the 19th Century“ (Link).
The Panels

  1. Early Modern Europe: Catholic
  2. Early Modern Europe: Islam & Orthodox
  3. Early Modern Europe: Protestant
  4. Modern Europe: Semi-secular & Catholic

The Project
„Till death do you part.“ The Roman Catholic Church holds the view that a sacramental marriage bond is established at the wedding, a bond which can only be declare as invalid by the annulment or dissolved by the death of the spouse. The starting point of the research projects was the question of which options Catholic couples who no longer wanted or could live together had before the introduction of civil marriage.
At the beginning of the first research project (2011-2015) knowledge of matrimonial conflicts and their in-court and out-of-court negotiations procedures was extremely limited in Austrian historiography. That early modern craftsmen and craftswomen, peasants or workers hired for day-to-day work could negotiate their marital conflicts at courts seemed to be unthinkable. Although it was known that Joseph II’s Marriage Patent transferred the marriage jurisdiction to secular courts, neither … read more (Web).