Exhibition, Workshop and Bookpresentation „Queer against Right“/“On Anti-Facism and Direct Action“, 19.02.2011, Vienna

MiGay organizes a community workshop on “Queer against Right” and will host the Queer Beograd’s (Web) Exhibition and Bookpresentation of “On Anti-Facism and Direct Action”
Venue: Cafe Gugg, Heumühlgasse 14, 1040 Vienna
Time: 19th of February; 10-17h Workshop by MiGay on “Queer against Right”; afterwards: Book Presentation & Discussion
The book is based on the last Queer Beograd’s festival in 2008 in Belgrade which had an emphasis on Antifascist movement and direct action. The book is a documentation of the performances (directed by Jet Moon) and the panel discussions with activists from Turkey (Lambda Istanbul), Russia (Antifa Moscow, Indymedia Russia), the Netherlands (NoBorder), Serbia (Kontrapunkt, Antifa Zrenjanin, Women at Work) and the UK (Roma activist, queer people of color activists). It is focused on exchanging opinions and experiences on forms of direct action, antifascist movements, anti-racist movements in the different contexts.
During the festival 2008 fascists (from the group “Obraz”) attacked participants and organizers of Queer Beograd festival, which was shocking, but showed how important a strong queer antifascist movement is. This is a motivation for our work, which this project is a part of.
The festival took place already two years ago, and within this time several important changes, laws and events took place, which influenced LGBT/queer people and movement.
E.g. the Anti-Discrimination law, the ban of Belgrade Pride 2009, the Pride in 2010 or the White Schengen Visas. For this reason along with the book promotion Queer Beograd want to provide a small exhibition issuing those events and putting the publication in a current context.
The exhibition texts were produced in collaboration with different local groups/ association, which are working in the field of the different topics.

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