CfP: New Materialism gender, politics, methodology (Event: 09/2014, Barcelona); DL: 01.05.2014

New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on ‘How matter comes to matter’ (Web) EU-funded COST Action IS1307

Venue: Barcelona
Time: 25th and 26th of September, 2014
Deadline for abstracts is the 1st of May

The theory of new materialism is traversing many disciplines of knowledge: from quantum physics to art theory. This allows a search for a common ground for interdisciplinary studies. In addition, these theoretical approaches are proving themselves as a suitable “ethic-onto-epistemological” framework (Barad, 2007) that permits the examination of social phenomena from multidimensional perspectives, alongside offering new ways to theorize and challenge the divisions between matter and discourse, nature and culture, etc. However, the methodological parameters of these approaches remain underdeveloped and somewhat unclear especially when related to feminist theories and politics. New materialism has been coined as a “third wave feminist epistemology” (van der Tuin, 2009) in the present globalized information society, and it is … read more (Website).

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