REMIMDER: CfP: Women and Christian Democracy (Event: 11/2015, Rome); DL: 20.04.2015

Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Rome (Web)

Venue: Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Rome
Time: November 12-13, 2015
Proposals not later than 20.04.2015

The workshop will focus on the presence of women in Christian Democracy (CD) European parties, as well as on ideology, programs and developments of women CD movements. In particular, Christian inspired women movements and their international cooperation will be analyzed and compared in a national and transnational perspective. The organizers also encourage proposals analyzing continuity and discontinuity in a medium- or long-term perspective and with a gender or a multidisciplinary approach. The workshop will hopefully clarify the state-of-the-art in this research field and will suggest new starting points for future research.

  1. Women in CD parties: Similarities and differences between CD women movements and those of other political leanings; specific and characteristic ideological features of CD women actions and programs; the attitude of women towards CD parties and movements, etc. Read more and source (Web)