CfP: Handbook of Migration Crises (Publication); DL: 10.05.2016

Editors: Immanuel Ness (New York University) and Marie Ruiz (Université Paris Diderot – LARCA UMR 8225)

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Over time, economic, religious, political or demographic crises, as well as wars and conflicts have resulted in massive displacements of people, and have triggered major diasporic movements. Though conflicts and wars undoubtedly elucidate many migration crises, the diverse nature of historical mass exoduses accounts for the multiplicity of explanations of the phenomenon. A Handbook of Migration Crises is an edited volume focusing on historical and ongoing migration crises, which purpose is to provide answers and definitions to major worldwide critical migration situations. Combining diverse theoretical and epistemological approaches (psychology, politics, history, anthropology…), it aims at offering a comprehensive definition of migration crises. Studying both migrants’ departures and arrivals, this handbook shall bring the topics of crises and migrations to the fore. Allowing its readers to better understand mass human displacements which have left a heavy imprint worldwide, this volume shall constitute a ground-breaking historical, political, theoretical, and epistemological study of migration crises. Read more and source … (Web)