CfP: Women in Modern Wars (Event: 09/2016, Lisbon); DL: 15.06.2016

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Venue: Lisbon
Time: 28.-29.09.2016
Proposals by: 15.06.2016

Contemporary historiography has been more and more focusing on the role of women in social, economic, cultural and politic movements in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, there is still a wide field to be explored about wars in the feminine perspective. Scientific studies on armed conflicts are still quite focused on the masculine universe – men as a war or peace decision maker or men as a fighter, for instance. Therefore, it is imperative to deepen the studies on women’s existence during and after wars.

This conference aims to promote an interdisciplinary debate over different women’s experiences during armed conflicts, in a national, transnational and comparative perspective.

The organizers welcome proposals on women and modern wars related with the following points (not exclusively): Read more and source … (Web)