CfP: Communicating family memory: remembering in a changing media environment (Publication: Communications); DL: 30.08.2016

Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research (Web), guest-edited by Christine Lohmeier, Univ. of Bremen

Proposals by: 30.08.2016

Memory and media are closely interlinked areas of research: In fact, memory has always materialized through cultural artefacts, various objects and the mediation of images, words and signs. Furthermore, memory as a social construct has a strong collective dimension. Even individuals‘ memories can be viewed and made sense of within the context of different collectivities and social formations such as the family, an ethnic community or a nation. Media are essential for these groups to communicate with each other and thereby constitute and negotiate identities, or make sense of the world – past, present and future included.

The proposed special issue of „Communications“ aims to solicit articles which consider remembering and forgetting within the contexts of families. Next to the nation and ethnic communities, families are classic memory communities. Families shape the individuals‘ understanding ofpersonal and collective identities and belonging, as well as notions of exclusion. Read more and source … (Web)