CfP: Women and politics in an age of uncertainty. The road to sustainable democracy and democratization (Event: 10/2017, Marocco); DL: 20.04.2017


Time: October 24-26, 2017
Venue: Kenzy, Farah Azghor, Ouarzazate, Morocco
Proposals due: April 20, 2017

Along with the emergence of popular movements for democratic change in MENA region countries, the past few years have also brought clear evidence of crisis in longstanding democratic and undemocratic states. Democracy in many parts of the world appears today to be under threat, as more nations roll back the hard fought for democratic freedoms. In parts of the world where democracy was taken for granted and where it was institutionalized, like the US and in Europe, democratic institutions are now being threatened more than in any time over the last 25 years and uncertainty looms especially among youth as to the future of freedom and rights. Read more … (PDF)