Workshop: The Making of Sexuality. Entangled Histories of Regulation, Intelligibility and Subjectivation, 15.-17.06.2017, Zürich

Gender Studies, University of Zurich, Convenors: Bettina Dennerlein, Monika Gsell and Helena Rust
Time: 15.-17.06.2017
Ort: Zürich
In current public debates, ideological fault lines are increasingly organized around issues of gender and sexuality as prominently illustrated by the formula of the “sexual clash of civilizations”. According to this vision, “Western” sexual democracy or sexual liberation is opposed to allegedly backward, oppressive, misogynist, as well as homophobic cultures and religions – most notably Islam.
The convenors take the ongoing politicization of sexuality as a point of departure for looking into the general problem of the regulatory production and deployment of sexual matters more systematically. The workshop focuses on how, in particular settings, the domain of the sexual is produced and (re-)configured by complex regulatory regimes and frames of intelligibility. The convenors want to explore this in an interdisciplinary perspective with a particular focus on the modern and contemporary period, exploring entanglements and interconnections in the globalized world. The workshop brings together scholars from a broad range of disciplines such as history … read more and source (Web)