Klicktipp: An interview with Judith Butler: Trump, fascism, and the construction of „the people“ (Weblogeintrag)

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Christian Salmon’s interview with Judith Butler first appeared in Mediapart (Web). Translated by David Broder (29 December 2016)

What does Donald Trump represent? The American philosopher Judith Butler, professor at UC, Berkeley, has published a short book in French, Rassemblement (Web). She explains that Donald Trump incarnates a new form of fascism. As she puts it, „A lot of people are very happy to see this disturbing, unintelligent guy parading around as if he was the centre of the Earth and winning power thanks to this posture.“

Many writers and intellectuals in the US and Europe have expressed their views on the Trump phenomenon; mostly to express their consternation or their reprobation, condemning the excesses of his language or expressing their alarm at his proposals to build a wall on the Mexican border or to expel millions of undocumented migrants. But if we are to try to understand what is going on with „Trump“ — the Trump phenomenon — then we need to bear in mind the analyses that Judith Butler has … read more (Weblog).