CfP: Gender transformations in prehistoric and archaic societies (Event: 03/2018, Kiel); DL: 30.09.2017

Kiel University, Germany; Johannes Müller, Wiebke Kirleis and Katharina Fuchs (Web)

Venue: Kiel
Time: 08.-10.03.2018
Abstract Submission: 30.09.2017

The long-term perspective from late Pleistocene hunter-gatherers to early state societies allows the project team to confront transformational processes in a wide array of societal formations and environmental settings. Here, transformations will be defined primarily as processes leading to a substantial and enduring re-organisation of socio-environmental interaction patterns. Inside the network of components determining the social behaviour, gender adopts a dominant role in many societies. Therefore, a strong interaction between gender identities, social diversity and transformation processes can also be expected for prehistoric and archaic societies.

With the workshop we want to provide a platform to stimulate discussions on a) gender transformations in the past and b) the effects of gender inequality on scientific discourses in our research community. Read more and source … (Web)