New Call for Panels for the 2011 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women (06/2011, Amherst)

2011 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women (Web)

Time: June 9-12 2011
Place: University of Massachusetts in Amherst

Call for Panels

  • CfPanalists: Women and Religion/Spirituality; DL: 01.03.2010
  • Roundtable on teaching women in global or world history; DL:  –
  • CFDiscussant/Chair: Intermarriage in the West; DL: –

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CfPanalists: Women and Religion/Spirituality

I have some research based on ethnographic work with a contemporary American women’s progressive religious reading group focusing on how „heretical“ texts like The Gnostic Gospels and the Da Vinci Code are useful to women navigating patriarchal religious institutions. I would like to organize a panel related to women’s religion/spirituality for the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst on 9-12 June 2011.  I am seeking 1-2 other panelists, a chair, and a discussant.  Papers can address any historical period or  national/geographic tradition.

Themes my work addresses: How reading creates/facilitates the formation of religious community, how lay people appropriate mass media to form religious identities, lived religion, the religious left, the sacred feminine and feminist religious practices

If you might be interested in participating in such a panel, please contact me. If interested, potential panelists should send a one-page cv and 250-word abstract to me as WORD attachments or pasted into the body of an email before March 1.  Submission deadline for completed panel proposal is 15 March.

Erin A. Smith
Associate Professor of American Studies & Literature
Associate Director, Gender Studies Program
University of Texas at Dallas
(972) 883-2338

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Roundtable on teaching women in global or world history; DL: –

I would like to propose a roundtable on teaching women in global or world history for the Berkshire Conference in June 2011.  Possible topics would include:

  • how to structure a syllabus — possible thematic or topical approaches
  • available texts or readings
  • class activities and projects
  • integrating feminist pedagogy

If you are interested in this proposal, please contact me off-list at

Betsy Jones Hemenway, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer in History
Director of Women’s Studies/Gender Studies Program
Loyola University Chicago
Piper Hall
6525 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL  60626
773.508.2934 (voice)
773.508.8492 (fax)

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CF Discussant/Chair: Intermarriage in the West

Two colleagues and I are looking for a chairperson/discussant for a panel on Interracial Marriage for the Berkshire Conference in June 2011. One paper will address African American, Indian, and white Intermarriage in Massachusetts between 1800-1820. Another paper will address relationships between Californios and Whites in mid-nineteenth century California.  The third paper will address the marriages of Japanese women with white servicemen in the post World War II era United States.

If you are interested in joining this panel as a discussant/chairperson, please email Angela Tudico at

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