CfP: The PUBLIC in Public and Applied History (Event: 03/2019, Wroclaw); DL: 15.10.2018

The 2nd Conference of the Jean Monnet Network “Applied European Contemporary History” (Web)

Time: March 6-8, 2019
Venue: Wroclaw, Poland
Proposals by: October 15th 2018

Public history is often defined as history for the public, by the public, with the public, about the public or in the public sphere. Even though the public is an essential element of public and applied history, theoretical debates on how „the public“ is conceptualized are scarce. Theoretical reflections within the field are mostly confined to analyses of how history is being presented in the public sphere or focus on the underlying historical narratives and the „products“ generated by public historians.

This conference will tackle the apparent void in the theoretical discourse and focus on the public: its characteristics, role and position as well as on opportunities and challenges it poses to public history and applied history and to public historians.

Thus, the conference aims at fostering a debate on the theoretical backgrounds of public history combined with, and informed by, case studies. Gaining a more detailed understanding of „the public“ in processes of co-­production of historical knowledge is one of the core interests of the Jean Monnet Network „Applied European Contemporary History“. This is related to questions about the … read more and source (Web).