NOISE Summer School 2010: Performing European Feminist Futures: 1968 & 1989; 17.-28.8.2010, Granada (Spain)

Time: 17-28 August 2010
Venue: University of Granada (Spain)
Organised by the Gender Studies department, University of Utrecht 
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The 2010 edition of the NOISE Summer School goes back to the future. It revisits events that structured European feminist historiographies in a future-oriented way.
Having recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the events that shook the world in May 1968 and the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, it is time to reflect upon these events and their relation to each other, and to the here and now from a European feminist perspective. How did these events shape European feminist futures? How did they affect the notions of (former) East and (former) West in Europe? How are they represented in our current-day feminist academic, artistic, and activist projects?
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Graduate Gender Programme
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