Lecture: Alexandria Dugal: Knowledge Production and Formation within the Canadian Eiwa Mission Girls’ Schools in 1930s Japan: Transnational Communication, International Mobility, and Christian Women’s Organizational Networking, 08.04.2021, virtual space

15th Annual Graduate Conference in European History (GRACEH) (Web)
Venue: virtual space, via Vienna
Time: 07.-09.04.2021
Registration (Link)
The lecture is part of the GRACEH 2021. The GRACEH series was launched in Budapest in 2007, and is co-organized since 2010 by Central European Univ., the European Univ. Institute and the Univ. of Vienna. In 2020, the Univ. of Oxford has joined the conference series for the first time.
GRACEH 2021 has the title „Motions of Knowledge – Knowledge in Motion. Conceptualizing “Knowledge Circulation” for Historical Research“. It is organized by PhD students of the Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies of the Univ. of Vienna Lisa Hoppel, Florence Klauda, Nora Lehner, Nedzad Kuc, and Gernot Hausar.


  • Appraising, Negotiating and Contesting the Status of Knowledge
  • Cross-Regional Encounters and their Implications for Knowledge Production
  • The Role of Spatiality for Knowledge Production
  • Political Activism and the Movement of Radical Ideas
  • Knowledge Circulation through Transmission and Translation
  • Non-Humans as Actors of Knowledge
  • Media(lity) of Knowledge: Transformation and Adaptation
  • Expert Knowledge and the Construction of National Identities
  • Educational Networks and their Political Dimension
  • Knowledge Travelling on Imperial Roads
  • Implicit and Absent Knowledge in Exhibitions and how it can be researched – an Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Science on the Move: Circulation within Academic Disciplines
  • Looking at Historiography through the Lens of Knowledge Circulation