Symposium: Gender in Transformation Processes: Central and Southeast European Perspectives, 30.09.-01.10.2021, virtual space

Fellowship-Programm Gender und Alter/n im zentral- und südosteuropäischen Kontext (Univ. Graz) (Web)
Venue: virtual space, via Graz
Time: 30.09.-01.10.2021
Co-Organizers of the symposium are the Department of Sociology and the Center for Inter-American Studies (Univ. of Graz), the Department of Sociology (Univ. of Zadar) and the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Split).
Programme (Web)

9.00: Welcome

  • Welcome Address: Martin Polaschek, Rektor of the Univ. Graz
  • Opening: Roberta Maierhofer and Inga Tomic-Koludrovic
  • Keynote: Karl Kaser

10.30: Private and Public Gender Aspects; Chair: Roberta Maierhofer

  • Inga Tomic-Koludrovic and Mirko Petric (Zadar): Public and private patriarchy in contemporary South East Europe (2014-2021): Presenting the results of two research projects (SCOPES and Genmod)
  • Siegfried Gruber (Graz): Female household heads in historical Central and Southeast Europe
  • Emira Kalaj (Shkodra): Female Entrepreneurship in Albania: A microeconomic analysis

13.30: Gendered Aspects of Work and Migration; Chair: Inga Tomic-Koludrovic

  • Marija Šaric (Zadar): Circular labour migration of older women: breaking the intergenerational care cycle?
  • Oksana Ermolaeva (Bucharest): Between “the Finnish spies” and the Soviet political police: Female Roles in Transborder Migrations in Eastern Karelia at the Beginning of the 20th century
  • Ylvije Kraja (Shkodra): Gender and migration from Albania during the democracy
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