CfP: Workshop Women, Diplomacy and International Politics since 1500 (Event: 12/2011, Florence/I); DL: 30.11.2010

Co-organised by Giulia Calvi (Florence), Glenda Sluga (Sydney), Giulia Calvi (EUI), Barbara Caine (Sydney/Monash), Carolyn James (Monash)

Date: December 2011
Venu: EUI in Florence, Italy
Deadline for abstract: 30.11.2010 
The new international history has provided a framework for critiquing the narrow assumptions of existing historiographies of international politics and exploring a range of new themes in respect of agency, chronology, and gender. This two-day workshop will  highlight the role of women as participants and agents in international political life since the early modern age. Its aim is to explore the  many ways in which women have been involved in diplomacy and in international politics, highlighting the diversity of their activities and the significance of their contributions. 
In focussing on women, we hope to bring to the fore new themes and to make new suggestions pertaining to the characterisation of developments in international history. We are interested in papers that look at the participation of women in particular national and local contexts, including particular European courts; at their involvement in major international diplomatic conferences and congresses and at their role in international political organizations.

Some of the themes include:
– Women, marriage and diplomacy
– The political significance of private friendships
– The woman diplomat
– Women writing about international politics

If you are interested in participating in this workshop,  please send your cv  and a short abstract to Prof. Giulia Calvi:
Department of History and Civilization
European University Institute
Villa Schifanoia
via Boccaccio 121, 50133 Florence, Italy
ph.: (0039) 055 4685 573 fax: (0039) 055 4685 203

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