Conference: Aspects of Queer History in Eastern Europe, 01.10.2022, Berlin

Fachverband Homosexualität und Geschichte in Coop. with junge DGO, gefördert durch Magnus Hirschfeld Stiftung und Stiftung Zeitlehren (Web)

Zeit: 01.10.2022
Ort: f³ – freiraum für fotografie, 10179 Berlin

Programm (PDF)

09:30h: Opening and Welcome

Joanna Ostrowska: About “Them”. Queer Biographies in East-Central Europe in the 20th century

Natalja Neshta and Tetjana Khoroshun: History of the LGBTIQ Movement in Ukraine and their fight for equality via the medium of film

Ineta Lipša: Criminal Cases on Hooliganism: How a Diary by a Homosexual Man – Kaspars Aleksandrs Irbe (1906–1996) – Reveals an Overlooked Source for Research of Male Same-Sex Subcultures in the Latvian SSR

Jan Krčál: „Do not love me, one shouldn’t do that“. Homosexuality in the Pardubice Region 1929–1945

Denisa Vídeňská: An illness to freedom? The case of female homosexuality in Prague in 1942–1945

15:00h Open Discussion on all lectures

16:00h LGBTIQ* activism in (Il)liberal states: Panel with Małgorzata Mróz (Poland), Luca Dudits (Hungary), and Hanna Ivanishena (Ukraine), organized by Junge DGO


Quelle: Hsozukult