CfP: Everyday Reloaded + Masculinity Studies @ Feminist research Methods Conference (Event: Stockholm), Deadline: 01.10.08

The Centre for Gender Studies at Stockholm University welcomes feminist researchers to an international conference on research methods and methodological issues and dilemmas, 4.-6.02.2009.
Most feminist researchers have long since agreed that there are no specifically feminist research methods. The expression “feminist methods” is therefore used as shorthand for methods used by feminists in all fields of research. This international conference is devoted to the exchange of experiences and innovations in the doing of feminist research, specifically the methods and research tools we use.
The conference is open to researchers in all disciplines, inter-disciplines and directions of research.
Pleanary speakers: Cynthia Cockburn, Nira Yuval-Davis, Gelya Frank.
Call for papers is now open
Deadline: October 1st, 2008
[In eigener Sache – Nähere Infos über zwei dort stattfindende Workshops:]
Workshop 3:
Everyday reloaded. Reconceptualizing “the everyday” as starting point for feminist research.

The workshop revisits the concept of “the everyday” in light of current neoliberal restructuring and examines its usefuleness for transdisciplinary feminist research. Taking “the everday” as problematic, we will reflect on the conceptual apparatus of the human sciences and try to rework some of our methodological and epistemological tools.
Workshop 10:
Developing (Pro)Feminist Methods in Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities: contemporary debates and research strategies
The workshop will create a forum for the discussion of methodological issues in Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities (CSMM). Relating these questions to ongoing debates in feminist research, it aims at promoting a thorough debate on methods to be applied in CSMM which identify as critical, (pro)feminist scholarship.
Beste Grüße
Iris Mendel, Brigitte Bargetz, Paul Scheibelhofer

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