CfP: Global Families. Connected histories of family and gender (Publication: Genesis); DL: 15.06.2014

Genesis, the journal of the Italian Society of Women Historians, Eds.: Giulia Calvi and Katharina Stornig

Deadline: 15.06.2014

In recent years historical research has focused on issues of space. Space as a socio historical construction and as a category insisting upon the analysis of horizontal connections, contacts, exchanges and the circulation of knowledge, people and goods across borders is at the core of a global rethinking of processes of change. While transnational, world and global history is still a rather flexible and debatable object, rapidly expanding well beyond western research and defined within multiple historiographies, scale, actors and contexts retain crucial importance.

Gender history has been largely absent from this scenario and is now in the process of positioning itself within what have been defined as “connected histories”. Bringing together a long and solid tradition of studies on family formation and emotional bonding with the challenging issues connected to transnational encounters and relationships of power this project addresses the transformation of the family and of gendered family roles in processes of protoglobalization and globalization. Read more and source …

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