CfP: The place of women in war 1914-2014 (Event: 06/2014, Sarajevo); DL: 12.04.2014

Venue: Sarajevo
Time: June 7th and 8th 2014
Deadline: April 12 2014, Website

The Women in War inaugural conference will take place in Sarajevo from June 7th-June 8th, with the support of the University of Sarajevo’s Gender department 2014 marks the centennial of the start of World War One and a greater visibility of women in armed conflict.

As well as the numerous commemorative events and conferences that will be taking place, this centennial is a unique opportunity to assess the experience and consequences of war on women twenty years after the war in the ex-Yugoslav area (1991-1995), with a look towards the past as well as at conflicts of the same period, namely Rwanda.

This conference is the first academic one of its kind to be held in Sarajevo, we invite proposals for papers in the following or related areas. Although the focus is Bosnia, the examples can be taken from other regions of the world:

  • Gender and Armed Conflict
  • Women in and around the Military
  • Rape as a Weapon of war
  • Nationalism and Gender
  • Gender and Post-war reconstruction
  • Women’s memories of war

Keynote speakers:

  • Cynthia Cockburn
  • Elissa Helms

Abstracts of max. 350 words should be submitted by April 12 to and; Authors of abstracts selected or not will be informed by May Ist 2014

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