Workshop: Narrating the First World War – Experiences and Reports from Transregional Perspectives, 16.09.2014, Berlin

Max Weber Stiftung, Bonn (Web); Forum Tranregionale Studien, Berlin
Zeit: 16.09.2014
Ort: Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
Anmeldung bis: 31.08.2014
How did civilians live and work at the home front? How did artists and writers document their experiences in the trenches? How did the war influence people outside of Europe?
Experts and participants will discuss the events of the First World War from an interdisciplinary and transregional perspective. With the help of primary sources the guests will be given the opportunity to explore the impact of the war on everyday life of contemporaries all over the world. The afternoon will be introduced by a 45-minute guided tour through the First World War exhibition of the Deutsches Historisches Museum. Read more and Source … (Web)

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