CfP: History on Sexuality (ESSHC’s Sexuality Network, 03-04/2016, Valencia); DL: 01.05.2015

ESSHC European Social Science History Conference (Web), The Sexuality Network (Web): Wannes Dupont (Antwerpen), Julie Gammon (Southampton) and Jens Rydström (Lund)

Venue: University of Valencia
Time: 30.03.2016-02.04.2016
Proposals not later than: 01.05.2015

The Sexuality Network of the ESSHC brings together both junior and senior scholars of sexual history from a wide range of countries, and is neither restricted to European topics, nor to European historians. It’s primary purpose is to provide a platform where historians of sexuality can meet each other on a regular basis, present their latest findings, and discuss new developments in the field.

Proposals could devote attention to:

  • Sexual intersections in the Mediterranean
  • Transnational or comparative histories of (homo)sexuality focusing on African, Asian and Latin American countries or Southern and Eastern European ones
  • Comparative histories of reproduction, contraception, family, state and biopolitics. Read more and source … (Web)