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History of Retailing & ConsumptionEditors of the new, peer-reviewed, international journal, History of Retailing and Consumption (Routledge), invite article submissions.

The purpose of the journal is to provide a central place for publication and reference for those interested in all aspects of the history of retailing and consumption: from the literary, to the spatial, to the economic. In bringing together different disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches, we aim to foster greater dialogue across disciplines which too often exist in silos. Equally, by drawing together contributions from across the globe, we hope to establish a clearer dialogue between national schools of thought and to facilitate international comparisons through empirical studies and review essays. In this way, the journal will nuance the dominant Anglo-American perspective on consumption with viewpoints taken from different places and different times.

We look to publish high quality contributions on any aspect of the history of retailing and consumption: from antiquity to the 21st century, and from advertising and shopping to consumption rituals and political identity. Articles might take a variety of forms: case studies of particular firms, places or practices; comparative analyses across space or time; review essays challenging or championing particular theoretical perspectives, or cross-disciplinary comparisons, for example linking archival and literary or artefactual sources. We also want to encourage ‘thought pieces’: shorter articles which could provide historical parallels with topical issues or explore particular objects, documents or shops. In this way and others, we seek to link the journal to the curators/archivists who care for the shop/company archives or museum collections.


Professor Jon Stobart
Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

Dr. Vicki Howard
Hartwick College (USA)

History of Retailing and Consumption is published three times a year. The first issue of the journal is now available in print and online: see the Link