CfP: War and its Aftermath: Veteran Treatment and Reintegration in Post-War Societies (Publication: ); DL 15.07.2016

Frank Jacob, City University of New York (Web); Stefan Karner, BIK Graz

Proposals by: 15.07.2016

War destroys everything. Even the lives of those, who survive the war are destroyed. Financial hardships, trauma, and the demand for reintegration by peaceful societies are burdens for those who return alive from the battlefield of the former war. However, the post-war societies have to struggle to provide sufficient possibilities for reintegration of veterans into the new peaceful life as well. In all periods of human history political entities and states have tried to find a way for such a reintegration without triggering the violent potential that is represented by former soldiers. Despite such attempts, modern nation states and societies still struggle with the task to find a solution for veteran reintegration in post-war environments. The editors of the planed volume want to analyze the historical aspects of veteran treatment and veteran reintegration — without chronological or geographical limitations — and therefore welcome proposals for chapters that deal with, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • the veteran as a radical force in post-war societies
  • veteran education in post-war societies
  • political movements and veterans
  • paramilitarism in post-war societies
  • trauma treatments
  • medical issues and veterans
  • economic perspectives on veteran reintegration
  • veterans and memory in post-war societies
  • veteran rights movements
  • veterans and the post-war state
  • veterans and social relations

Proposals (ca. 300 words) and a short CV should be sent to and until July 15, 2016. Final chapters, 7,000-10,000 words, using footnotes (Chicago Manual of Style) are due by October 15, 2016.

Contact: Frank Jacob, History Department, 22205 56th Ave, Bayside, 11364 New York,