Ann.: Consortium: Transnationalizing LGBT Studies (Syracuse University, USA)

Last spring, Syracuse University’s Chancellor, Nancy Cantor, announced that she had selected Transnationalizing LGBT Studies as one of the projects that would receive a 2009 Chancellor’s Leadership Project Award. The co-directors of the LGBT Studies Program ( and Transnationalizing LGBT Studies are Margaret Himley ( and Andrew London (
This three-year award gives us the opportunity and the resources to move our LGBT/Queer courses and scholarship beyond national borders to engage questions of sexual and gender identities, theories, communities, movements, Diasporas, and politics from global and transnational perspectives by collaborating with colleagues in the U.S., Spain, and other parts of the world. We are pursuing significant questions about LGBT/Queer scholarship, pedagogy, and
curriculum such as:

  • What new theoretical and political frameworks have emerged as LGBT/Queer Studies takes the transnational turn?
  • How does this turn influence what and how we teach LGBT/Queer Studies to university students?
  • In what ways do we connect and collaborate with scholars and scholarship from across the globe?

We will explore these questions and others at a workshop at Syracuse University in the summer of 2010 and at a workshop in Madrid, Spain in the summer of 2011. We will bring in leading scholars for public lectures, seminars, and workshops, with the hope that faculty and graduate students from the U.S., from Spain and from other countries have the opportunity to develop sustainable research and pedagogy networks.
We are developing a mailing list of people who would be interested in receiving more information about this project as we move forward. We are writing to you today to ask if you would like to be on this list? Please feel free to forward this invitation to other faculty members and graduate students who may be interested, or to any listservs whose
members may be interested.
Please respond to K.J. Rawson ( if you would like to continue hearing about Transnationalizing LGBT Studies.

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