CfP: Pornography – Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Publication); DL: 15.11.2016

Frank Jacob, History Department at the City University of New York

Proposals by: 15.11.2016

Pornography is an important phenomenon of human history and needs further research from an interdisciplinary and global perspective. The editor of Pornography — Interdisciplinary Perspectives, which is supposed to provide an extensive and interdisciplinary reader, is looking for contributions from colleagues working in film studies, gender studies, history, legal studies, media studies, philosophy, political sciences, psychology, sociology… to contribute to this important volume. Chapters are supposed to either deal with general or theoretical questions related to pronography or to provide specific case studies from a national or comparative perspective.

Proposed chapters could deal with, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Pornographic media (print, film, online)
  • Pornography in history
  • Gender roles and pornography
  • Pornography and national or international law
  • Pornography consumers Read more and source … (Web)