Klicktipp: „TV Formats and Format Research: Theory, methodology, history and new developments“. New Issue of VIEW. Journal of European Television History and Culture (online)

view-portal_headerVIEW. Journal of European Television History and Culture (5/2016) (Web)

During the last 15 years format research has grown into a notable, distinct field of academic investigation alongside the dramatic expansion of the trade in TV formats. This special issue of VIEW builds on existing format scholarship to deepen our understanding of the history and the continuing growth of the TV format business from a European perspective


  • John Ellis, Andrea Esser, Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano: Editorial
  • Cecilia Penati: Transforming ‚Female‘ Programmes: Don’t Tell the Bride from International TV to Italian Digital Channels for Women
  • Paola Savini: Remembering Operación Triunfo: a Latin Music Reality Show in the Era of Talent Shows
  • Merav Schiffmann: Rising Star: a Game-Changing Format in a Dying Genre. The Highs and Lows of a Format’s Birth
  • Takeshi Murakoshi: Will the Sun Rise? Japan’s Limited Role in the Global Format Business
  • Explorations
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