CfP: The Family, Human Rights and Internationalism. Global Historical-Sociological Perspectives (Event: 11/2017, Göttingen); DL: 31.03.2017

Institute of Sociology, University of Goettingen; Julia Moses and Matthias Koenig

Time: 10-11 November 2017
Venue: University of Göttingen
Proposals due: 31.03.2017

Historical and historical-sociological research on the history of human rights discourse and law has abounded in recent years. However, it has neglected one of the key issues that informed early thinking about human rights: the family as a protected category. This conference addresses this issue by approaching it from the perspective of global historical sociology. In this way, the conference also sheds important light on the historical diffusion of cultural and legal norms on the family and sexuality. It reflects on various religious and other imaginaries of the family and considers how they emerged and spread across the globe. How have human rights law and discourse intersected with the family and sexuality? How has this connection taken shape in different historical contexts? And, how has it evolved since the nineteenth century? Read more and source … (Web)