Workshop: Queerying Polska – Interventions in humanities, activism and art since 1980, 26.-27.10.2017, Siegen

Media History/Visual Culture and Contemporary European History since 1945
Venue: University of Siegen
Time: 26.-27.10.2017
The main goal is to create a network for academic exchange and to get an overview of the current field of research. Research projects of all kind of disciplines concerning the history of gender and sexuality in Poland as well as queer interventions shall be presented and discussed.
Topic of the workshop is the history of gender and sexuality in Poland since 1980: Which roll played gay and lesbian activism in Poland during real socialism? Where are connections to the women’s movement? Which influence had the transformation and the access to the EU concerning the LGBT*-community in Poland? Alongside this we would like to discuss the role of pictures in the discourse about homosexuality in Poland. What meaning have and had pictures for processes of Othering in Poland? How important are and were artistic and amateur practices to question heteronormativity? Read more and source … (Web)