Conference: “Network Analysis and History. Approaches, tools, problems” / „Netzwerkanalyse und Geschichte. Ansätze, Instrumente, Probleme, 25.-27.02.2010, Lausanne

Organisation: Sandro Guzzi-Heeb, Thomas David, Stéphanie Ginalski, Frédéric Rebmann
Place: University of Lausanne
Time: 25.-27.02.2010
Deadline: 20.02.2010
This international conference will bring together researchers in various disciplines such as history, sociology, anthropology and demography, in order to compare the approaches, methods and tools used in network analysis. One of the aims of this Conference is to highlight the contribution of the network analysis for the historians, as this method has been relatively neglected by this discipline so far.
The discussion will be articulated around five main topics:

  • Family and kinship
  • Methods
  • Mobilisation and social movements
  • Social networks and business elites
  • Cultural networks

The access to the conference is free and open to everybody. All relevant information concerning the Conference is available on the following pages. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via Email: Stephanie.Ginalski(at)
We are looking forward to welcoming you next February in Lausanne.
The organizers: Thomas David (UniL), Sandro Guzzi-Heeb (UniL), Stéphanie Ginalski (FNRS, UniL) and Frédéric Rebmann (FNRS, UniL).
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