CfP: XX. Century: If This is a Women (Event: 01/2018, Bratislava); DL: 30.06.2018

Department of General History, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia; Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich, Germany

Time: January 21st–23rd, 2019
Venue: Comenius University, Department of General History, Bratislava
Proposals due 30.06.2018

Gender analysis applied to the field of War Studies and Holocaust Studies has led to important discoveries, opened up new areas of research and raised critical questions about established narratives. Thanks to gender analysis, research has started focusing on different topics; in particular the female experience during the Holocaust and World War II, and has also brought up the latest findings on family and survival strategies, children’s experience, or investigation on life of homosexuals under the rule of NS Germany and their allies.

Despite the development of Women’s and Gender Studies in the last decades, the importance of women in history has remained—until recently— a „problematic“ subject, and more importantly an under-researched topic. While most war memories belong to men, women’s experiences have played just a trivial role. Moreover, all generalizations and gender-neutral statements about experiences during the Holocaust have neglected a personalized and gender-oriented approach to Holocaust Studies. This conference attempts to pay particular attention to the speci?c features of women’s experience in WWII and the Holocaust. Read more and source … (Web)