CfP: Gender and Trauma: Material, Methods, Media (Event, 09/2019, Michigan); DL: 30.04.2019

Grand Valley State University (Web)

Venue: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Time: 20.-21.09.2019
Proposalsy by: 30.04.2019

Specialists in trauma studies and gender studies have collaborated to produce innovative research on war, genocide and other sites of extreme violence. Building bridges between scholars in trauma research and gender studies leads to important discoveries finding new source bases, methods and directions of inquiry, opens up new areas of research and raises critical questions. This conference aims to:

  1. Foster interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars in history, literature, media (film/popular and fine arts) studies, psychology, sociology, culture studies, women and gender studies and other fields.
  2. Share new sources, topoi and approaches in gender and trauma research.
  3. Explore the different ways in which concepts of ‘masculinity,’ ‘femininity,’ or ‘queerness’ are shaped and affected by traumatic events (including war, genocide, economic crisis, environmental disaster, domestic violence and other forms of violence).
  4. Explore and debate unconventional trajectories and tendencies in historiography and theory on gender and trauma.
  5. Build connections between scholars and the public/community in discussions of gender and trauma as they relate to historical and contemporary sociopolitical issues. Read more and source … (Web)