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OutHistory.org tells stories about people in the past who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender; and people who did not conform to dominant norms of sexuality and gender.

OutHistory.org uncovers histories of same-gender love and of gender crossing in the recent and distant past, and it tells stories about how people came to experience themselves as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual through the historical construction of the heterosexual/homosexual binary.

The various resources provided on the website can be searched by the following categories: Time Period / People / Places / Documents / Bibliographies / Visual Material / Oral Histories / Timelines. Read more … (Web)

OutHistory.org was founded in October 2008 by Jonathan Ned Katz, author of the groundbreaking Gay American History (1976) and other books on the history of sexuality. When the Internet became part of the everyday life of billions of people in the 21st century, Katz understood that the work of archiving, establishing LGBTQ chronologies, and highlighting new discoveries begun in Gay American History should continue on a digital platform. Katz’s longtime history as an activist and community scholar also caused him to … read more (Web).

OutHistory.org is a non-profit organization that is a sponsored project of the Fund for the City of New York. The project is funded by The New School, by grants, and through donations from readers.