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OutHistory.org (Web)

The portal tells stories about people in the past (in the US) who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender; and people who did not conform to dominant norms of sexuality and gender.
OutHistory.org is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 2008 by Jonathan Ned Katz, author of the groundbreaking publication „Gay American History“ (1976). Read more … (Web)

Oral Histories (Web)

The website contains various resources. A core are 19 oral histories from the LGBT movement

Some „Highlight“ Articels (Web)

  • Native American LGBTQ+ Americans, 1528-1976, by Jonathan Ned Katz
  • Gender Benders, 1782-1920, by J. N. Katz
  • Colonial America: The Age of Sodomitical Sin, 1607-1783, by J. N. Katz
  • Aspects of Queer Existence in 19th-Century America, by Rich Wilson
  • Moreau de Saint-Méry and the „Unnatural Practices“ of American Women, 1793-1798, by J. N. Katz
  • Transgender Children in Antebellum America, 1776-1861, by Jen Manion
  • Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, 1779-1782, by J. N. Katz
  • Miss Willson and Miss Brundage, 1800-1825, by J. N. Katz
  • Prison Sex and Solitary Confinement in Pennsylvania, 1790-1829, by Jen Manion
  • Peter Sewally/Mary Jones, June 11, 1836, by J. N. Katz and Tavia Nyong’o
  • Carroll Smith-Rosenberg and „The Female World of Love and Ritual,“ A 2021 Interview by Matthew Hauptman
  • Melville’s Secret Sex Text: Decoding His 1849 Novel Redburn, by J. N. Katz
  • Revolution: American Colonial Settlers Make a New Nation, 1775-1860, J. N. Katz
  • Timeline: Transgender History

The various resources provided on the website can be searched by this categories: Time Period | People | Places | Documents | Bibliographies | Visual Material | Oral Histories | Timelines