Klicktipp: NOTCHES: (Re)Marks on the History of Sexuality (Weblog)

NOTCHES: (Re)Marks on the history of sexuality (Web)

NOTCHES is a open-access, peer-reviewed, collaborative and international weblog, sponsored by the Raphael Samuel History Centre in London. The postis are sorted by different categories. In addition to a geographical assignment or a time period, there are also content categories. These are – among others – the following:

Feminism (Web)

  • 2 of the latest posts: Beyond the Binary: Science, History, and the Radical Possibilities of Sex and Gender / Sisterhood and Unity: Lesbian Activism in the (Post-)Yugoslav Space

Women’s Sexuality (Web)

  • 2 of the latest posts: Telling Abortion Stories / Naming & Shaming Women: Reporting on VD Trials During WWI

Masculinity (Web)

  • 2 of the latest posts: “Men Working Together!”: The Queer Masculinity of WWII-Propaganda / Touch, Manhood, and the Boundaries of Same-Sex Intimacy in 19th-Century Canada


  • 2 of the latest posts: Transnational Homosexuals in Communist Poland in Gay and Lesbian Magazines / Troubling Terms: The Label Problem in Transgender History

Homosexuality (Web)

  • 2 of the latest posts: Public City/Public Sex: Homosexuality, Prostitution, and Urban Culture 19th-Century Paris / Men of Superior IQ: Connecting Homosexuality to Intelligence in Cold War-Era Canada

18th Century (Web)

  • 2 of the latest posts: Three’s a Crowd?: Navigating a Love Triangle in Enlightenment France / “Well Known as Miss Betty Cooper”: Gender Expression in 18th-Century Boston

Archives (Web)

  • 2 of the latest posts: Collecting Riot Grrrl: Sexual Awakening in NYU’s Punk Archive / Out of the Closet, Into the Archives: Researching Sexual Histories