Klicktipp: In Queer Minds (Podcast) // CfP: In Queer Minds (Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies), by: 31.08.2021

Podcast by Bri McKenzie, Maddy Magladry, and Deborah Hunn (Web)

In Queer Minds is an limited Australian series podcast funded by Curtin Human Rights and Social Justice Visionary Seed Fund. Each of the four episodes explores issues arising from doing research in the queer community – in conversation with a variety of academics from sociology, psychology, sexology, cultural studies and anthropology.

Topics discussed are navigating research identity, negotiating the complexities of representing intersectional axes of oppression, and working within and beyond the constraints of institutions. Participants span a range of activist, academic and community roles and offer perspectives from intersecting identities.

The podcast was an effort to make queer researchers – and research about/for queer people – visible and accessible beyond academia. There is also a transcript of each episode.

Episodes (Web)

  1. Representation in health – with Sam Winter and Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
  2. Critical race and decolonial approaches – with Joni Lariat, Baden Offord and Marziya Mohammedali
  3. Community and inclusion – with Braden Hill and Misty Farquhar
  4. Youth perspectives and narratives of lived experience – with Kai Schweizer and Shoshana Rosenberg

CfP: Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies

Proposals by: 31.08.2021

The CfP seeks responses to issues raised in the ‘In Queer Minds’ podcast series to be featured in a special issue of Continuum (Web). While the editors encourage contributors to listen to the podcast, it is not necessary to make the podcast or any of the participants the centre of the work; that is, the editors invite contributors to use provocations from the podcast to reflect on and discuss how some of the themes reflected in the podcast occur in their own work, as well as their own countries, cultural contexts and disciplines. Read more … (PDF).

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