Women’s History Network: National Conference 2021: Homes, Food and Farms, 02.-04.09.2021, virtual space

Women’s History Network (WHN) (Web)
Time: 02.-04.09.2021
Venue: virtual space
In recent years Women’s History has made a significant contribution to debates and explorations of histories of homes, families and domestic life. Women’s multiple and varied roles in the production, preparation and consumption of food, as farmers, housewives, gardeners and workers in agriculture and other industries have been uncovered.
The 2021 Women’s History Network Annual Conference aims to build upon this work and bring together those interested in interrogating and expanding women’s history and the history of homes, food and farms.


  • Open Strand – Lightning Talks
  • Food Preparation, Technology and Training
  • Farmers, Landowners and Labourers
  • Hierarchies and Power Relations
  • Work, Politics and Professionalism in Poswar Britain
  • Housewives, Class and Organisational Capacities
  • Identities, Biographies and Constructed Realities
  • Authority, Domesticity and Politics in National and International
  • Reform, Revolt and Resistance


  • Samita Sen: Women, Work and Domesticity: Eastern India in Historical Perspective
  • Laurel Forster: Self-Sufficiency, Countercultures, and the Dissenting Cookbook
  • Jane Whittle: Women’s work in English agriculture and food processing 1500-1750

Source: Rural History Newsletter