Klicktipp: ATGENDER’s Book Series „Teaching with Gender“ | Call for Edited Volumes by: 28.02.2022

ATGENDER. The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation (Web)

ATGENDER is a association for academics, practitioners, activists and institutions in the field of Women’s, Gender, Transgender, Sexuality, and Queer studies, feminist research, women’s, sexual and LGBTQI rights, equality, and diversity. Read more … (Web).

The „Teaching with Gender“-Book Series

Since 2009, ATGENDER has published the book series „Teaching with Gender. European Women’s Studies in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms“ in cooperation with Routledge. Read more … (Web).

So far, 16 volumes have been compiled. The 12 books published until 2015 are freely available in open access:

  • Vol. 16: Homonationalism, Femonationalism and Ablenationalism Contextualised (2022)  – Description
  • Vol. 15: Feminist Perspectives on Teaching Masculinities: Learning Beyond Stereotypes (2019) – Description
  • Vol. 14: Decolonization and Feminisms in Global Teaching and Learning (2018) – Description
  • Vol. 13: Teaching Feminist Pedagogy and Responsibility in Times of Political Crisis (2017) – Description
  • Vol. 12: Teaching With Feminist Materialisms (2015) – Open Access
  • Vol. 11: Teaching against Violence (2015) – Open Access
  • Vol. 10: Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives (2013) – Open Access
  • Vol. 9: Teaching „Race“ with a Gendered Edge (2012) – Open Access
  • Vol. 8: Teaching Intersectionality (2010) – Open Access
  • Vol. 7: Teaching Empires (2010) – Open Access
  • Vol. 6: Teaching Visual Culture in an Interdisciplinary Classroom (2010) –  Open Access
  • Vol. 5: Teaching with the Third Wave (2010) – Open Access
  • Vol. 4: Teaching Subjectivity (2010) – Open Access
  • Vol. 3: Teaching Gender in Social Work (2010) – Open Access
  • Vol. 2: Teaching Gender, Diversity and Urban Space (2010) – Open Access
  • Vol. 1: Teaching with Memories (2009) – Open Access

Call for new edited volumes

The ATGENDER network invites proposals for further volumes. Submission is open to all, but priority will be given to ATGENDER members.

Proposals by: 28.02.2022

Submissions are welcome in the fields of intersectional women’s, transgender, queer and sexuality studies, and especially on the intersectional nature of marginalization; including theoretical debates, qualitative and quantitative researches and teaching practices across international settings.

The editors are in particular inviting proposals working from feminist intersectional perspectives on:

  • Teaching (with) the pandemic
  • Intersecting biosocial vulnerabilities/intersecting responsibilities
  • Politics of un/liveability and un/sustainable utopias

Acknowledging the crisis and thinking through how we can live (and teach) in compromised times from a transdisciplinary perspective. Keywords may include but should not be limited to post-crisis space, agency, solidarity, access, social change, climate justice, anthropocene, capitalocene, plantationocene, posthuman approaches, as well as different temporalities, memories and images of the future, and mediated utopias.

Submission Guidelines

A proposal should be between 2000-2500 words (max). It needs to provide the following information:

  • Name and address (regular and e-mail) of the corresponding editor (in case that there are several editors, please indicate one corresponding name, address and e-mail)
  • Tentative title of the proposed volume
  • Tentative table of contents (including the tentative list of authors)
  • Rationale for this proposal
  • List of keywords
  • Sections or particular issues/themes to be discussed
  • Short bibliography
  • Scientific contribution/volume positioning in relation to relevant literature
  • Target audience
  • Time-frame for the completion of the manuscript

Where to Submit?

Proposals should be sent to: info@atgender.eu until February 28, 2022.

The series is published by Routledge and has the advantage of being circulated among the members of ATGENDER. Also, special events are organised to promote „Teaching with Gender“ volumes during conferences co-organised by ATGENDER. The working group is in contact with Routledge to make sure that the future volumes are fully accessible as e-books.

Who Can Submit?

Source: genus@listserv.gu.se