Call for Papers – Gender Equality in the enlarged EU, 20-21 April 07, Vienna

Expert Meeting on Gender Equality in the enlarged European Union
20 – 21 April 2007
Institute for East-European History, University of Vienna

Deadline 15 March 2007
Focus area
The aim of the Expert Meeting is to examine the possibilities, chances and obstacles for the future gender equality policy on the European Union level. The discussion in this interdisciplinary and transnational forum will focus on the implementation of the EU’s gender equality regulations, on independent national policies, on the history and role of the women’s (rights) movement and the current situation of women, especially in the new member countries Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria, but also in the “old” member states like Germany and France and also Austria.

The following research questions should be discussed during the expert meeting:

– What are the effects of the EU’s gender equality regulations on a national level? Are there significant differences between the EU 15 and the new member states?
– What kind of equality measures have been introduced by the member states themselves and how have they been implemented?
– What are the correlations between the women’s (rights) movement, the implementation of gender equality measures and the reality of women’s lives in the individual countries and in Europe in general?
– Is it practically possible for these equality measures to have a noticeable impact on women’s lives?
– Which deficits in gender equality policy can be perceived? Can we formulate recommendations for future improvements?
– What guarantees the implementation of equality measures? Are there any sanctions in place in case they are not implemented?

Submission of proposals:
Proposals for a presentation of approx. 20 minutes on the topics of “Gender equality in Germany: Differences between ‘old’ and ‘new’ provinces (Bundesländer)“ and “Austria after the accession to the EU: What have been the impacts on Austria’s gender equality policy?” can be sent by e-mail to until March 15, 2007 at the latest.
Proposals for a presentation of approx. 20 minutes on the topic of “Gender equality in France: France as a model for making children and career compatible?” can be sent by e-mail to until March 15, 2007 at the latest.
Financial matters:
There is no conference fee. Public funding will cover travel and accommodation expenses for speakers whose papers have been accepted.
Contact persons:
Petra Ziegler; MA (proposals concerning Germany and Austria)
Verena Kaselitz, PhD (proposals concerning France)
Social Change – Institute for Innovation in Gender Studies and Violence Prevention (
Institute for Eastern European History at the University of Vienna (

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