Call for Papers – International Women’s Conference 2007, 26-29 September, Queensland Australia

Education, Employment and Everything… the triple layer of a woman’s life
International Women’s Conference to be held at the Toowoomba Campus, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
26-29th September 2007
Further details of the conference can be found at
Please note and pass on to your networks that the deadline for expressions of interest for papers and workshops is 30 March 2007. The deadline for abstracts is 28 May 2007.
Expressions of interest should be submitted electronically to with „expression of interest“ as the subject line followed by whether it is a paper or a workshop.
Conference themes and subtopics are:

* Access to education
* Moving from education into the workforce
* Skill development and education
* Oppression of women and education – including career opportunities
* Welfare law and its impact on women and education


* Work choices – legal position of women in the workplace
* Access to appropriate fulfilling work
* Access to appropriate child care
* Discrimination/sexual harassment
* Personal safety in the workplace
* Immigration issues – temporary work visas/migrant workers
* Human rights/Working conditions for women
* Conflict resolution/mediation
* Violence against women – impact on women’s careers, employer best practice
* Starting a business
* Financial assistance for women
* Superannuation


* Community engagement
* Work life balance
* Health
* Spirituality
* Maintaining self identity and personal development
* Sexuality
* Parenting
* Living with disabilities
* Family law
* Family relationships

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