Conference: Cooking, Cleaning, Caring: Care Work as a Global Issue in Contemporary Art, 10.-12.05.2023, Bochum and virtual space

Änne Söll, Friederike Sigler and Tonia Andresen, Ruhr Univ. Bochum: DFG project „Cleaning, Cooking, Caring. Care Work in Art in Western and Eastern Europe, the US and Latin America since 1960“ (Web)

Zeit: 10.-12.05.2023
Ort: Bochum and virtual space
Registration: due 07.05.2023

Programm (PDF)

Since the 1960s women artists around the world have been critically engaged with gender politics and the social consequences of care work. Until today, they develop artistic techniques to question the division of productive and reproductive labor, but also initiate a fundamental debate about the status, value and meaning of (artistic) work as well as the equal distribution of labor.
The international conference brings together experts from Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and the U.S. to discuss and re-evaluate this international artistic practice. Leading questions are: How is care work enacted and which layers of the work become visible? How do the positions reflect the issues of globalized care work and the (post-)colonial division of labor? And what does it mean for an art historical practice to include care work as a theoretical framework and critique of artistic production? Weiterlesen … (Web).

Source: HSozuKult