Conference: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Rights. Health Feminism, Reproductive Knowledge and Women’s Activism Across Europe in the long 20th Century, 19.-21.10.2023, Konstanz

Anne Kwaschik (Univ. of Konstanz) (Web), Isabel Heinemann (Univ. of Bayreuth), Emeline Fourment (Univ. of Rouen), and Heidi Hein-Kircher (Herder Institute Marburg)

Time: 19.-21.10.2023
Venue: Konstanz
Registration by: 01.10.2023

The conference aims at exploring health feminism and women’s activism from the perspective of the history of knowledge. It intends to interrogate the homogeneity of the existing Western European narratives focusing on the 1970s and on the argument that North America was the hub of knowledge transfer to the rest of the world. Against this background, this conference focuses on other transnational transfers, from Europe to the US, or within Europe and asks participants to reconsider periodization.

Sections: Health knowledge as a source of women’s empowerment | Knowledge transfer across borders and times | Transnational encounters as sites of knowledge transfer | Women’s health activism between grassroot movements and the state | Women’s health activism and technologies of reproductive control

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